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The old 1999 Ford Ranger

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Nightmare's reveage

Exterior Mods
shaved emblems,shaved wiper cowl,shaved door handles,shaved corners,shaved tail lights,shaved 3rd brake light,shaved tailgate handle,shaved tailgate,shaved post holes,molded front bumper, frenched plate back,custom tag (bodymod),80 cj7 headlights,apc windshield wiper,custom cowl hood,molded wiper cowl, molded fenders,shaved bodylines,shaved window molding,shaved stock anntenna,shaved gas door,shaved stock mirror location,chrome round mirrors,windows tinted 3% w/ flames,1 shaved wiper blade,rounded corners on doors,gas tank filler relocated to bed,painted break drums and calipers,molded rollpan,nightmare sticker on window,painted wiper arm,shaved side windows,shaved rear window, one sucide doors

Interior mods
blue tweed,air gauges in dash,mustang seats,custom made console,shaved dash,plexiglass steering wheel,blue carpet,

Wheels & Tires

20x9.5 helo with 255/35's

Audio System
pioneer head unit,2 pioneer 6's,2 pioneer, 4 12" subs,2000 watt mono block amp

moved trans mount,monster notch w/ new sub frame w/ flame bag mounts,fast bagged all 1/2" lines

removed ac
moved heater fan,painted M.A.S,painted linkage cover, underdrive pullies

the day i brought it home





2 weeks after i got it


the first show with the new truck it got top 20 wild